Kafka is dead

Long live Kafka!

Our Story

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We started WarpStream because we saw the opportunity to create a streaming platform that was purpose-built for the cloud.

For a long time now, the software industry has been stuck between infrastructure that’s too hard to run, and vendors that are too expensive to pay for, especially with regards to Apache Kafka®.

While the Kafka protocol has become the de facto standard in streaming, the actual implementation of Apache Kafka® leaves a lot to be desired, especially in cloud environments.

So we evaluated every design decision from first principles, and rebuilt Kafka from the ground up with a completely new implementation that take advantage of everything modern cloud environments have to offer, while maintaining full compatibility with the Kafka protocol.

The result is WarpStream.
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Our Investors

We are a globally distributed company, with team members based in:

San Francisco, New York, Paris, Austin, Toronto, Chicago, Boston, Nice, Nashville, Nantes, and Bilbao.

Our team brings deep experience from Datadog, Uber, Confluent, and other leading technology companies.