About Us

WarpStream was founded by ex-Uber and ex-Datadog engineers who built systems like M3DB and Husky. Our mission is to make data streaming infrastructure as accessible as S3.

WarpStream Employee
Richard Artoul
Founder / CEO (ex-Uber, ex-Datadog)
At Uber, Richie was the tech lead for M3DB where he built the distributed time series database custom designed for ingesting large amounts of time series / metrics data and querying it in real time.

At Datadog, Richie worked with Ryan where they designed and built Datadog's next generation event store Husky. Richie was the tech lead / manager for the Husky project. He lead the team from a skunk works project to a production grade system that stores all of Datadog's event data.
WarpStream Employee
Ryan Worl
Founder / CTO (ex-ClickFunnels, ex-Datadog)
Ryan is a distributed systems and databases nerd. His favorite weekend past time is staying up to date on the latest database internals and consensus protocols research publications.

At Datadog, Ryan conceptualized the idea for Husky and designed the original architecture. Subsequently he worked with Richie to make Husky a reality and migrated many of Datadog's products to it.