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Announcing Bento, the open source fork of the project formerly known as Benthos

May 31, 2024
Richard Artoul
Announcing Bento, the open source fork of the project formerly known as Benthos.

Introducing WarpStream Managed Data Pipelines for BYOC clusters

May 14, 2024
Richard Artoul
Managed Data Pipelines provide a fully-managed SaaS user experience for Benthos, without sacrificing any of the cost benefits, data sovereignty, or deployment flexibility of the BYOC deployment model.

Real-Time Website Security Monitoring with WarpStream, RisingWave, and Grafana

Apr 9, 2024
Fahad Shah
This blog is guest authored by Fahad Shah from RisingWave, and cross-posted from RisingWave's blog. In this blog, we have presented the development of a real-time security threat monitoring system that integrates RisingWave, WarpStream, and Grafana. The setup process for the entire system is quite straightforward. To monitor each metric, you only need to create a single materialized view in RisingWave and visualize it in Grafana.

WarpStream + Materialize: Simpler Streaming for Operational Data Products

Oct 6, 2023
Richard Artoul, Andy Hattemer
If you’re on a Data or Data Platforms team, you’ve probably already seen the productivity boost that comes from pulling business logic out of various ETL pipelines, queries, and scripts and centralizing it in SQL in a clean, version-controlled git repo managed by dbt. The engine that unlocked this approach is the analytical data warehouse: typically Snowflake or BigQuery.